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Welcome to our family owned, Grade II listed commercial building; The Oast House, 5 Mead Lane, Farnham, Surrey.

The Oast House has been in our family for 35 years and continues to be run by the family directly as commercial property. With offices ranging from 200-over 1000 square foot, this premises is ideal for small to medium size businesses. For us though, it’s more than just a property; the Oast House is part of our family. It is imbued with history and we often wish it could share with us its stories. We pride ourselves in maintaining the original features of the building wherever possible, whilst also providing a practical commercial premises, with modern technology.

We also enjoy the community and strong working relationships we have built within the Oast House, with tenants often becoming friends and suppliers to one another.

Do come and join us and enjoy doing business from a welcoming, charming, characterful piece of history!

History of the Building

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